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  • Imagination Creations classes

    Creativity classes for children aged 3 -10 where all you need to do is bring your imagination and you will leave with an original treasured creation. Our classes are unique as children are given the opportunity to choose a creative prompt (which are all different) to inspire their creations. Children are guided, through the use of critical thinking skill strategies, to produce highly original pieces. Our approach means that no two children create the same piece within a class and children create according to their interests, which makes the experience meaningful. Many of the creations made in our classes can be incorporated into imaginative play at home. See the Classes page for more details.
  • Creativity to the Rescue Packs

    Are you looking for some new ideas and activities for your children to enjoy? We create fun packs that contain all the materials you need to provide a child with innovative, engaging open ended activities that have been designed to inspire children to use their imagination and encourage creative thinking. See our products page for further information about these.
  • An online service

    To take advantage of this service, a brief questionnaire needs to be completed. Creative Play Central will be guided by your responses in the questionnaire to create personalised activities. We will create an e-book containing the activities (with clear explanations) that have been created for your child, or children. Once the questionnaire has been completed an obligation free quote for this service will be provided.

  • Consultations

    With parents and carers to discuss creative play and learning ideas. Once an initial discussion has been had to ascertain your requirements, an obligation free quote will be provided.
  • Group presentations

    Why not get a group of friends together and host a group presentation where we provide creative play ideas that are designed specifically for your group (Creative Play Central provides a brief questionnaire to be completed so that we can ensure appropriate activities are prepared and presented). We are always interested in catering for specific needs and will accommodate these to provide play ideas that will inspire. We require a minimum of eight people to run a group session for sixty minutes and the cost is $15 inc. gst per person.

Creative Play Central

Creative Play Central is the home of innovative play ideas and highly creative experiences for children.

Creative Play Central is committed to nurturing children's creativity.

Exposing children to creative experiences and inspiring them to think in creative ways is essential because:

  • Engaging in creative pursuits gives children the opportunity to use problem solving skills, such as thinking of alternative ways to use materials to produce an original creation, or modifying a design to improve the end product. Employing problem solving skills at a young age, in a fun way, allows children to develop and strengthen these valuable skills that are required throughout life.
  • Creating original pieces allows children to experiment and learn through trial and error, an important life lesson.
  • It develops lateral thinking. In a world which increasingly values and relies on innovation, it is essential that children are involved in experiences that require them to think laterally as well as be able to 'think outside the box".
  • signCreating is an excellent way for children to extend their vocabulary, as well as communicate their thoughts, ideas and knowledge visually.
  • Creative experiences teach children resilience, persistence, patience and that tinkering can lead to fascinating discoveries.
  • It allows children to strengthen fine motor skills as they thread, mould and create.
  • Children can express their feelings and individuality. Children experience a sense of accomplishment when they are responsible for designing and creating an original piece.

It has been said that "creativity is the currency of the future". The transferrable skills that are developed and strengthened while enjoying creative experiences are valued and synonymous with innovation and success.